Milwaukee, Wisconsin

3,000 sf  Renovation and Addition

This 1500 square-foot renovation and 1000 square-foot addition to a home on the shore of Lake Michigan attempts to re-ground a visually encumbered home by means of a thickened, connected view of the surrounding landscape knitted to and through the existing construction. The project weaves the existing building together at regional, site and building scales by creating a specific set of perspectival connections to the natural context. The proposed addition is spatially shaped according to key views of the landscape. External pressures of the landscape penetrate the building and thread the disparate site views together, and the building to the site. As one moves through the house, reflected and refracted views are absorbed and released, giving way to actual views of the landscape. The addition acts as an armature to enhance this phenomenon via direct, reflected and refracted views of the landscape which are absorbed and telegraphed as the circulatory path through the building.